Sunday, March 15, 2009

End costume result

Not with me in it. I was trying to get as close to current Kara as possible, without having the actual for real accurate as anything costume. For example, I'm not about to start locating and wearing a midriff bearing top. Torso of steel I don't have. I also wanted something that would look a bit more real life. Y'know, if comic books were real would anyone start wearing had to toe spandex to fight crime? I think not. They'd use normal clothes and make them a bit distinctive,

So I made do with clothes I already had and included a few accessories. The colour on the photos is shit, my camera phone is awful. In real life the reds and blues are proper vivid primary colours.
Here is the costume laid flat on the floor, y'all just pretend that there's someone inside them:

The blue S t-shirt came from Thailand - a friend brought it back for me when she'd gone travelling. the dark blue long top is from H and M and I've had it for months. The blue skirt is also from H and M and used to be pleated, then a certain boyfriend tried to be helpful and put it in the washing machine, when it said hand wash only. Sigh. Bye bye pleats. I've also had the skirt a long time. The shrug is in lieu of an actual cape - see below. The shoes I found from a charity shop last year and are great.
I was considering wearing a different pair of shoes that are all over red, but they area mary jane style, and I can't see current Kara liking them.

I did want red knee highs but a) can't afford them, b) that would throw my no buying unnecessary crap out of the window and c), if I were to buy red boots for a Kara costume they would have to be red cowboy boots. Think about it, this Kara would love red cowboy boots.

The head band, the gold bangles and the knee high socks were bought specially for the outfit. I was trying to channel that Ale Garza drawn Kara look. The yellow scarf I bought looked ridiculous so I didn't include it, and as I said before, it proved impossible to find a gold thin belt on Friday lunchtime.

Closer look without the leg/foot wear:

As warned, due to me completely lacking any fabric skills the attempt to make a cape was a disaster. So I bought an S badge and pinned it to the back of the shrug.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with it.

One thing I learned is that people don't know the difference between Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Apparently female superheroes are interchangeable.


Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, that's not bad! NOW we need to see it modeled! :-)

Saranga said...

I am not putting pictures of me on the general internets, though. Sorry!

Anj said...

I think it looks great.

It reminds me of the time period in the 1970s Adventure Comics when Kara wore many different versions of her costume.

I particularly like the leggings idea.

Sea_of_Green said...

I understand, Saranga. I have the same attitude -- though my Meez is pretty close to how I actually look ('cept I sometimes wear glasses).

Admiral Drax said...

Great stuff!

What about using the Crispy One as a model - he's not got a great deal of shame sometimes...

Saranga said...

@ Drax: Ha! I reckon after a few beers he might... however he is deceptively wide, tapey obviously isn't trying hard enough. or can't physically eat through flesh. i should be grateful for that.