Saturday, September 05, 2009

Buffy Omnibus volume 3 review

Meant to post this a week ago, but forgot about it. Oops.

OK, I finished reading through omnibuses 3 and 7. Although I am still shocked and hurt that pumpkin pie is regularly made with filling from a tin, and that I have indeed eaten pie made with filling from a tin, I feel I am now getting over this. Onwards with the review for number 3.

Buffy Omnibus volume 3
Art and scripts by various.
Set In season 3.

There's 12 stories in this volume, all written so as not to interfere with TV canon. Buffy and the gang get up to a wide variety of stuff, such as ninja study, scooby kidnapping, thanksgiving shopping (pah!), killer ice demons, cursed dogs, girly sleepovers, boy-captivating demon women, demons trapped on celluloid and little troll doll type things that come to life.

The ice demon is good. He hawks up killer spit icicles at his enemies. That bit was very enjoyable.

The rest of it, not really. Let's see why -

The art is shit. Not only does 90% of it not remotely resemble the characters - I had to keep double checking back to see who was who - it's not even very nice art of other people. I expect this to be a representation of the actors, fine, but Oz is completely wrong, so wrong I didn't know it was him till someone called him by name. Cordelia and Willow are mostly distinguishable by the length of the Cordy's skirt.

Oz talks to much. He should be speaking for a sentence or two, concise and droll. Not uttering paragraphs at every turn.

Giles, well we know Giles has a fancy manner of speech, that's fine. But the thing is, he doesn't talk like that all the time. Sometimes he speaks normally. Try this:
'I should hope so, Willow. Magic is not a force to be taken lightly.'
'Indeed, yet I don't think I need to remind you that your spells have not always gone as planned. In spellcasting the tiniest mistake could lead to..'
I'm merely observing that perhaps it is time for me to do a bit of an audit , sit in on a few spells, perhaps offer suggestions.'
Over 12 issues it reads like a parody of Giles. Trust me. and then Ethan Rayne turns up, and oh my god it makes my head hurt.

The stories are dull.

In conclusion: rubbish, don't buy.

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