Thursday, September 10, 2009

Off on me summer holidays

Back in a week.  Write me interesting things while I'm away!

And holy crap, I know where the new Batgirl artist lives!  As in, I've been to Totnes, I've got friends living in Devon, and blimey o reilly there's an artist I know and like living in the UK.  I didn't think that ever happened!
(I don't know where he actually lives, I'm not a stalker)


cerebus660 said...

Hey Saranga, have a good holiday! We're meant to be in for a heatwave next week so don't forget your sunblock!

Saranga said...

I'm actually heading off to Greece so it damn well better be hot!

cerebus660 said...

My mistake. I misread your post and thought you were going to sunny Devon :-)
Have a good 'un.

Saranga said...

nah no devon this time round.i just put two completley unrelated things in one post (keeps y'all on yer toes ;)
i was in devon over the 4th of july weekend and it was lovely! one of my favourite places to be! up in Norfolk i miss hills..

Sea-of-Green said...

Wave at the Acropolis for me! :-)

Saranga said...

The acropolis was AMAZING! Very very cool.