Sunday, September 27, 2009

What would YOU do with a giant pumpkin?

It's pumpkin time.  My dad and sister visited me this weekend and brought with them an enormous pumpkin.  I have two options.  Carve out the insides and try to make something with it, I have plenty of recipes so that shouldn't be a problem,or carve out the insides AND carve a face in it.
I am asking for all of yous' input.  I have carved a pumpkin once, a good ten years ago, and I sucked at it.  I don't think I'll be able to carve anything like these delights but I'd like to not completely hack it up into unrecognisability.

What have you all done with pumpkins before?  Made exciting faces?  Smashed it on the floor in frustration? Got any tips for the aspiring pumpkin designer?  Or have you got a particularly good recipe you'd like to share?
I'm guessing that the American contingent could come up trumps as Halloween and it's assorted activites seems to be so much bigger over there.  We don't do much in the UK, which is a massive shame.  Tell me your pumpkin stories.

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