Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching up on reviews - another Super edition (plus some Buffy)

Spoilers ahoy for Superman /691, Superman: World of New Krypton /7, Supergirl Annual  /1 and Buffy /28

Superman /691
Ugly, ugly cover.  Renato Guedes art is wonderful as ever, and the new artist on the last few pages didn't detract.  However, this whole Codename: Patriot/Hunt for Reactron crossover has left me cold, and as I sit to write this review, approx 3 weeks after the book came out, I am struggling to rememebr much of what happened. That ain't no good.
A quick flick through it shows magic lady impersonating Kara, Supes fighting Ral Dar, General lane unleashing a green K torrent on Superman and Ral-dar - this si actually a really impressive 2 pages - and Ral-Dar being killed by the green K.
The last double page spread revelas magic lady's world and it's glorious.  I love the dragons, the flying squid  beasties, the colours, the busyness, the clothes, the buildings, the animals, the people and the monsters.

But I'm still considering dropping the title.  It's not been consistently good since Superman buggered off.  I buy comics based on characters, and Mon-El isn't interesting enough to me.  We'll see if I stay on board during the Hunt for Reactron story.

(Update - I dropped the title.)

Superman: World of New Krypton /7
Ahh, much better.  Well, the Christopher Reeve inspired cover is kind of terrifying, and the Superman movie references are getting commoner by the day, but that's not a bad thing.
Again, given that this comic is 2 weeks old now I'm havignt rouble recalling the detaisl, BUT, it is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling that Superman 691 didn't.
Flicking through it, I see Zod is brought out of stasis and Kal is a dick to the Labour Guild mate he has.  Not without justification, some might say, but a dick nonetheless.
The Kryptonians are dragging one of Saturn/Jupiter's moons to be a moon for New Krypton.
What. the. fuck.
That's no better than Kara pushing the earth out of orbit in the silver age.
But, we end up with a moon out of control and heading straight for New Krypton!  Which is a great bit of comic action.

Supergirl Annual  /1
There's 2 stories in here, one is a day in the life type thing where Kara tried to prevent bloodshed at a crime scene in a bank, and one where we see Superwoman's origin story. The penciller is Fernando Oagnino and I'm not too convinced about him.  He makes Kara look a bit like a blow up doll with a high forhead.  Not my style.  The story in itself is quite good, although the Kryptonians in hiding, or at least the mother, is pretty unreasonable.
Superwoman's origin was a welcome addition.  It's good to see how Lucy Lane became the person she is.  This is one I think I will return to in future.

Ahh it's Andrew doing a documentary again!  There's little scribbles and his narration and it's very cool.  Buffy breaks down and tells Willow that she killed her in the future and Willow is surprisingly blase about it.
Also, Dawn and Xander get it on.  I have no idea how I feel about this.  What are other Buffy fans' views on it?


Hazel said...

"Dawn and Xander get it on. I have no idea how I feel about this. What are other Buffy fans' views on it?"

I'm largely indifferent as I have become about the S8 comics in general. This arc is better than the series has been recently but the last issues I thoroughly enjoyed were part of BKV's "No Future for You" which was a wee while ago.

Red said...

I like the idea of Xander and Dawn getting together. They're both overlooked and taken for granted by others for so long. It would be nice for them to be fully appreciated by another who lives close to the limelight but not be able to step in.

It's like the muggle and the squib getting together and having a happy life, separate from magic. Magic's not necessary to have a happy life.

Saranga said...

Jesus Christ spambots, piss off.