Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've looted the back issue box to finds all kinds of Guy Gardner related goodness

For some reason I've only recently had a poke through my store's back issue boxes.  When I did, Lo and behold, what did I find, but Guy Gardner's very own series, *swoon*. So I've been buying the issues up.  I also discovered they had a lot of Impulse stuff to, so that's also on the must be purchased list .  Each issue is only about a quid so I can usually afford 4 or 5 each week, on top of my normal purchases.  Hoorah!
So, in time honoured tradition lets have a quick look at each of the issues I have thus far...

Number 1:  La first issue.  Guy has a the yellow ring.  I don't know why or how as I haven't got that far with the Green Lantern titles yet, but it doesn't really matter.  Anyway, Guy is smashing up a vice house in his own 'war on scum'.  It's all very macho.  At this stage he still has the bowl cut.  Superman turns up and berate shim for putting the JLa in a dodgy position.  Ice arrives, Guy is a massive jerk, really cruel.  I know it's cos he loves Ice who at this stage had a swoon on for Supes, but he speaks to her really badly.
A gentleman named Bucky Sharp arrives and offers to manager Guy, change his image, and make him rich.
Hal goes to the Guardians and request that Kilowog be sent to earth to reason with Guy,
Meanwhile, cut back to earth, Guy is living with General Glory (I love their relationship) when 3 aliens, Thoom, Boom and Buk-sp turn up to up to start on Guy.  The issue ends with  Guy's ring runnign outta juice and him unable to recharge it.
A good opening issue.  It sets the scene, introduces a supporting cast and you get to know the personalities and the motivations of the main folks.

Number 2: The opening page shows Thoom and Boom hitting each other (they're not so bright), the third alien cursing them, and Guy running away.  He decides to combat them using the power of the buildings around him, and his own brains and fists.  This could go badly.  Ahh, no, wait, Guy steals a bus and tries to run the aliens over.  Unfortunately they are less prone to moving than the bus.
Kilowog eventually finds Guy and informs him that the Guardians want his ring.  Thsi doens't go down too well and it seems that guy may cry.  Kilowog then leaves without the ring, because he's a good 'un, and Guy's ring fires up again.  I don't know why as my run is not complete.
Lastly, Guy is abducted by the Palindrordnilap (see what they did there?) and agrees to work for them.

Number 3: Bucky Sharp is doing well cos Guy is now parading around in furs with hot rich women on his arm.  Plua he has fans yelling that guy is thier hee-ro!  He is now a proffessional hero, paid by the Palindrordnilap and ahs moved outof the place he shared with general Glory.
There is also a stupid assasin and an encounter with Ice.  Guy remains an asshat.

These early issues have very 90s art and are in some ways played for laughs, but in some ways are serious, I think.  they remind me of that story in the Preacher Ancient History trade - the one about Jody and TC which is basically a parody of 80s action movies.  Whatever the writers and artists were going for, it's all good stuff.

Number 23:  By this point Guy has a new bunch of sidekicks (Bucky Warrgo, Man-Tiger, a lady possibly named Esperanza) and I believe he has also discovered his Vuldarian ancestry.  We open in a fight scene featuring Nazis.  This continues.  Esperanza lady glows red and displays super powers and one of the bad guys, (no longer Nazis, now a fez wearing fanatic) turns into a snake.
The warrior women of Nabba turn up - Esperanza may or may not be one of them, either way, we meet Veronna, their scantily clad leader.  She hangs around for at least another 15 or so issues.  The shape shifting evil Peruvians (?) are defeated and the warrior women of Nabba are proclaiming Guy to be 'Warrior'.  But he's already wearing the W t-shirt....
Nazis and nazi dinosaurs turns up again...
Guy is dunked in the magic waters and turned into the Warrior, for real.  I no longer think Veronna and Esperanza are the same person.

I think we can safely say this makes no sense to me, as I haven't read the preceding issues.  On the plus side, it does do well at setting up the stories for later issues.

Number 24: A zero hour tie in.  No idea what's going as I know zilch about Zero Hour.  The only thing of import in this is Lady Blackhawk.

Number 25:  A double sized issue.  Ice is now dead and Guy mourns her by travelling to her family's place and fighting his way in.  He's so macho.  Jesting aside, these scenes are wodnerful, Guy is truly devastated at her death and furious at the other leaguers for not telling him.  Tora's mother turns up and greets and welcomes Guy.  It appears Tora taught him fluent Norse.
Most of the rest of the issue is taken up with Guy fighting the Dementor who has his brother and ladyfriend in a coma and is threatening to destroy them.  This is the same demon that haunted Guy when he was in a coma, I think.
The issue ends with the sidekicks in the new warriors premises and Arisia working for Guy as a waitress.

There are extra snippety bits at the back of the issue, a page called 'comics colouring demystified' and various Guy/Guy and Ice (by Adam Hughes)/Guy vs bad guys (including Hal) posters.  I'd say it's nearly worth getting for the Adam Hughes art alone.

Numbers 26, 27, 28, 29, 38, 40 and 41 coming up later.


Anonymous said...

Parallax at that time is imprisoned in the green power battery, whenever Guy fights a GL, he charges his ring off of the "yellow impurity"

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Hi Thanks, for the info.