Monday, January 23, 2012

This week's comics

So reading through them I was sure I had lots to say.  Now looking at my laptop with it's big empty screen i'm at a loss about what i'm to say.

*leafs through comics*

Young Justice 12.  This was more interesting than previous ones, but still, I think I'll give it up.  The humour seems to be missing and whenever I'm reminded that it's Dick not Tim, and Wally not Bart, I'm disappointed.
I'm also disappointed that Jackson isn't back in the mainstream DCU yet.  Yep, always dissapointed, that's me.

Birds of Prey 5
Ugh this cover nearly put me off reading any comics this week.
Ugh ugh ugh.  But when I sat down to read the issue, it was actually pretty darn good.  And Starling is gay.  She must be.  Gay and likes a drink. My sort of gal.  There was a couple of nice slashy panels between Babs and Dinah too, so that's nice.  I am (again) dissappointed to realise that Dinah is not with ollie, and apparently has never been with Ollie, if I read the subtext right.  This saddens me.  But I'll get over it if I can see their relationship develop.
BoP is one of the consistently good ones.  A bit more quality control on the cover art and I'd be a happy lady.

Supergirl 5
This title doesn't really seem to be doing a lot, but it sure is pretty.  It's all origin, and confusion, and Kara.  All Kara, even when there's other people around.  Definitely pretty though.

Wonder Woman 5
No Chiang on this issue, but no matter.  Imitation Chiang is brought in instead, and he draws a luvverly Poseidon.  I do appreciate how they've designed the Gods in this run.  It's completely unexpected, but so good.  I'm curious as to why Hades has been given a flaming head, but I'm sure it will come to me soon.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man  6
This was going great guns until lil Miles started worrying about his apparent 'criminal gene'.  I'm a leetle bored of this trope now.  I've seen it done over and over in Superboy (any title) and I think comic writers coudl really do with giving it a rest.
That aside, the rest of the issue was fine, and the new artist was good.

I see we have a Batman 5 in the house too, but I won't read or review that, because Batman sucks.


SallyP said...

I like Birds of Prey, but yes, that is a ridiculous cover. And not having Dinah with Ollie just makes me sad. So she wouldn't be friends with Hal either, which also makes me sad.

But Wonder Woman was fabulous.

Saranga said...

hal needs dinah to knock some sense into him. ollie certainly can't do it.

ShadZ said...

I'm pretty sure the idea of a flame-headed Hades comes from Disney's Hercules. At least, it what I thought of when I saw Hades in Wonder Woman 5