Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The history of the Superpant

I found this image a while ago on The Daily P.O.P:
It tickles me.  I have it as my desktop now and every time I look at it I'm fascinated by the differing pants.
They start off really high on Kirk, pretty much up to his ribcage, and gradually, gradually lower until we get Brandon Routh's small briefs.
What surprises me is the cut of Dean Cain's pants - they are really high above the legs, higher than those of the previous 3 actors.

Then there's the stances of the men.  I guess they've each been picked for their iconic nature, but it's interesting to see how each one holds themselves next to the other.  I admit I've never seen Kirk Alyn's or George Reeves Superman, but I do know the other ones, and those stances seem pretty representative of the character to me.  Well, not Tom Welling's, but the Smallville universe didn't have much resemblance to the DCU proper.

If I then look at the colours of each suit, and the S shield is designed, well, I'm left agog.

I find this such a fascinating image.  I wonder if there's an equivalent one for the many Lois'?

For the record, Christopher Reeve is, and always wil be, my favourite Superman.


SallyP said...

That...that is one studly bunch of men.

And yes, Christopher Reeve is the best.

Saranga said...

Wwhat the hell is up with blogger? the formatting is goign all to hell. I didn't intend to leave such a big gap in the text, that's for sure.

I appear to have ommitted an observation in my post. Reeve is packing it isn't he? Or are all the others tucking?

Eyz said...

Christopher is and will always be the perfect Superman! no future live incarnation will change that for me!
(and more than Supes, he was also the only good and spot-on Clark Kent)

Why do they keep turning Supes brief into underwear?! It wouldn't look as "silly" (as most people say) if they tried it a bit more like a sportsman/boxer/athlete brief..
Just sayin'!

Saranga said...

that's a good point eyz. dean cain's look especially silly. whereas a pair of tight fitting shorts would look better.

tho they've forgone any sort of pant at all in the new film.