Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Silly Sunday

I can only only assume that marriage = death.

And check out Nasty spying on Supergirl! Lols!

Adventure Comics 406.


Feminist Avatar said...

It does raise the question, whether supergirl would have to give up saving people on marriage? Is superhero-ing compatible with the home duties of a wife and mother? Out of the cape and into the kitchen?

Saranga said...

Iy woudl appear that Superman thinks so.

What is interesting, reading these early adventures, is that a lot of them centre around Supergirl challenging other character's views, showing them that girls are just as good as boys and can do superheroics, and anything else, as well.

The stories may be silly and fantastical, made for children, but there is a serious side and Kara always always shows that girls can be active, clever, heroic, all that stuff. Before reading them, I hadn't quite grasped how forward thinking and challenging of the status quo they would be.

SallyP said...

Oh that Clark. After all the times that he's shoved her into an orphanage or not let her out, why oh why is she turning to him for help...again?