Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reynard City are looking for sponsorship

I think I've talked before about Reynard City, a webcomic run by a friend of mine.  They are currently developing a game and a tv pilot, as well as putting out roughly bi-monthly webcomics.  Reynard City nurtures new talent and sales of merchandise bring in cash for the artists.  It's written by a fella named Will turner, and he's gotta be one of the hardest working folk I know.  They'll be at MCM Expo in May, along with another webcomic's team - DeathBoy.

Anyway RC are now offering advertising in the comics.  Not like DC's advertising, I hasten to add.  Here's the info from their site:

In order to pay our artists and provide the best quality we need sponsorship. You may have already seen our website sponsorship options at  However we are aware that you want the best promotion for your money, so we have decided to extend the range of options available to you so you can decide what is best for your promotional needs.

In addition to our existing sponsorship packages we have decided to add the option to sponsor specific issues. You can either add your link to the front page where people download the issue or you can add full page adverts to a new one (ideal if you are promoting a book or webcomic!)
There are various ways you could benefit from this
* Include sample pages or teasers from upcoming issues of your comic
* Get more comissions as an artist or writer by paying for an advert for your services
* Promote your company on the front of the latest issue

(Please note- prices are quoted in pound sterling. Other currencies are available. Payment can be made via Paypal or cheque. For more information regarding content rules or any other questions please contact

Issue description page sponsorship= £25
 Full page adverts= £25 for one page, £50 for three pages, £75 for five pages

I wanted to post this in case anyone reading was interested in advertising, or if they knew anyone interested in advertising in it.

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