Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Why can't she have armour like this every day?
From issue 146.


Korvar The Fox said...

Because the artists' hands would fall off! :)

Eyz said...

She used to put that armor a lot, when the fight got tough, during her pre-New 52 series :P

Saranga said...

@Korvar: Pshaw. A suitable sacrifice I'd say. :p

@eyz: she didn't use it enough! she should use it every day! yeah!

Eyz said...

Well, if it was up to me (ha! :P) that would be her main costume and not the other way around~

She put often, though. Like at the end of each story arc. During the "war of the gods" story (not sure if that was the name of the arc, but when Chronos attacked the Greek, Indu and other pantheons of gods), when the island was attacked by the Athenians/returning 4 Amazon guards of Hippolyta (in Simone's arc), when she attacked the alliance of Ares & Hades alongside Cassie and Ferdinand, at the end of Rucka's arc too,..

Like every important arc's conclusion... but we could really have done with more of it :P