Saturday, January 07, 2012

Aaaaannd we have a Norwich hero!

Woop woop, I just read Demon Knights #1 and discovered that Jason Blood is from Norwich!
But where is Norwich I hear you (Americans, and probably some British) cry? Well, it is literally in the arse end of England.

Mainland Britain can be understood as a witch riding a pig. Et voila:
Norwich is in the witch's bum.

Now, Norwich is generally known for:
Delia Smith - a middle aged cooking personality who is doing her best to teach the country to cook, and has been doing so for much longer than Jamie Oliver,  She's like your mum, and not very cool.  She also once embarrassed herself at a local football match, by yelling, "Lets be 'aving you"
Norwich City Football Club - they aren't, on the whole, very good.  Although I think they are in one of the higher leagues now.  They known as the Canaries, after the large number of Canaries we had in the late 19th century, brought over by Dutch settlers.
Age - Norwich is the oldest medieval city in England.
Viciousness - Norwich burnt the highest number of witches in the witch trials
Alan Partridge - a fictional radio DJ.  The least cool person in England.

Add to this we are generally mocked for being rural, inbred farmers, you can see that it's difficult getting the city recognised.  Ignore the fact that it's really cool, has a strong alternative, independent shop, arty, cultural, ethos.  To the outside world, apparently we're just a bunch of slacked jawed yokels.

In Demon Knights #1 Paul Cornell made Jason Blood from Norwich, woop woop!  My lovely city got namechecked in an American, international publication.  I is dead chuffed.  The rest of the comic is pretty good too.  Very British.  Lots of British language - my arse, quiet pint, bollocks, etc.  And a dragon being thrown at the heroes.

I recommend it.  Muchly.  Gonna go buy the rest of the issues from Comixology now.

EDIT: I asked Paul Cornell on twitter why he chose Norwich for Jason.  his answer was that 'I like to share out the geography'. Ace.


James Ashelford said...

I've been loving Demon Knights since it started, if by some chance it survives (this is Cornell we're talking about) I think it'll probably be his Secret Six.

Saranga said...

you're the second person who's mentioned that to me. that means it must be true.

SallyP said...

Norwich is in the southern part of Connecticut, on the Thames river. mean the REAL Norwich? I loved the witch riding the pig, now that I have seen it...I can't NOT see it. And yes, Demon Knights has been pretty darned good.

Saranga said...

Man, did you guys steal all the English place names??!!

It came as a shock when I realised that England had a Boston, and that our one came first.