Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dollhouse (spoilers)

I got Dollhouse season 1 for Christmas.  After watching 3 episodes (but not the pilot) I have come to the following conclusions:
The first episode was very much setting everything up, in a very obvious way.
Echo's awareness of self and the way her memory is coming back is quite clumsy in places.
I really like the name Echo.
There are obvious allegories with prostitution to be made.  I make no judgements on women who engage in sex work, however I think that people who use prostitutes are weird and I find the whole idea quite disturbing.

By 'Needs' I have discovered:
Eliza Dushku is quite convincing as different people.
Amy Acker is much better than I expected.
The series has got far less clumsy at moving the plot forward.
There is none of the fancy language that Buffy/Angel/Firefly had - unless you count pseduoscience.  I don't.
It's constructed in a very different way to the first few Buffy seasons, or the one Firefly season.
Sierra has one of the most feline faces I've ever seen, at least she does when she has tawny hair.
Echo's first handler has a very comforting voice and manner.

After watching it all I now feel that:
Echo's dominatrix outfit was somewhat unneccesary.
Alan Tudyk was an inspired choice of casting.
Holy crap Tudyk is Alpha.  Well I didn't see that coming.  Although, he's not exactly a specimen of perfect humanity is he?
Dushku has a rather flat Russian accent.  And unless she it is meant to be aregional accent, which I doubt, her intonation is wrong.
I did not expect the final episode to be like that.  That was good.

I  really liked this.  Roll on season 2.  I'm off to read some criticisms of the show now.


Red said...

Have you seen the latest episode of Dollhouse, called "Getting Closer"? The last 10 minutes blew my mind. There were so many reveals. I actually said out loud "didn't see *that* coming." Really looking forward to seeing how they explain all this. Then I'm going to go back and watch season one to look for forshadowing.

Saranga said...

I've only seen season 1. Even if the UK did have season 2 showing, I don't have a TV licence so don't watch TV. I'm particularly rubbish at getting round to watching stuff online so I tend to only see these things once I've bought the box set.