Thursday, January 21, 2010

Action figure wishlist

If I could have anything, I'd want:

Green Arrow in his Mike Grell unfiorm:

It's the sleeves and hood which make it so attractive to me.  That and the tunic style top.

Mia in her black uniform:

Mia is very very cool.

Big Barda:

Barda's on the left.  Now imagine she doesn't have her boobs out and that's what I want.  All teh Barda figures I have seen so far reduce to her to a sex object, aren't delicate enough, or aren't chunky enough, or are a combination of the 3.  I want her in full uniform, big and with character in her face.  is that too much to ask?

Grace Choi:

The tattooed 6 foot Amazon would be awesome.

Rose Wilson (Ravager):

I'd like her with a ponytail please.  She's not Rose without the ponytail.

Battle Armoured Wonder Woman:

I'd like pretty much that toy, except I'd like the helmet and wings to be removable.

Have you got anything on your wishlist?


ActionJon said...

Good list, I'd stick with Green Arrow and Battle Armor Wonder Woman and be a happy camper

SallyP said...

These are all excellent choices.

I have a few Green Lanterns that I'd like to see, such as Soranik Natu, Iolande, Isamot, Vath Sarn, Bd'ge and MORE GUY GARDNER figures! Sheesh!

Hal and Batman have dozens of figures, and Guy only has two...and they use the same body, with just new head sculpts. I want a Guy in the Blue jacket with the cowboy boots, and as Warrior, and as a Red Lantern.

I'd like an unconcious Hal figure, right after being hit in the head.

And a plushy Apros. And Amanda Waller.

Saranga said...

Oh my, an unconscious Hal would be too good.

I thought about including Guy, but I don't trust them ever to do him justice. :(

James Ashelford said...

Not much of a figure man myself but...

Two-piece diorama of Brenda and Paco (posed arguing, 'natch) from Blue Beetle.

Similarly, Traci-13 in her "13" shirt with her Staff of Arion held aloft and hair fluttering magical-windswept styles.

Steph as Spoiler. On principal.

wiec? said...

nice list. i'd like a Gorilla Grodd that doesn't look like he's yawning.

he's supposed to be an intelligent ape and he always looks like he's screaming his head off or getting very very sleepy.

Saranga said...

@ James: There will be a Steph figure this year! Steph as Batgirl anyway. I saw stuff a few months ago about it, but can't find anything on DC's website at the minute. Still, the design I saw was based on her current Batgirl outfit.

@wiec: I trust Dc to make a decent animal figure as much as I trust them ti make a decent Guy figure.

Anj said...

I have to agree about Barda. I am a Barda fan but no figure has captured her essence yet.