Sunday, January 17, 2010

So, it's snowed quite a lot over here recenly

For about 4 weeks we've had snow.  That's pretty damn unusual for the UK.  My American readers would be very surprised at how much chaos and worry this has caused, given that some parts of the country have only had a few inches of snow (and still people can't get to work and the trains can't run), but that's the UK for you.  Some areas have been able to measure their snowfall in feet, but not mine.

With that in mind, and because most of the snow has now gone from my part of Norfolk, I'd thought I'd post some of the prettier pictures.

A rose in my garden, the weekend before Christmas (how or why it was still alive I have no idea):

In the city, 23rd Dec:

At the local park in January:

In Buckinghamshire last week:


There you have it.  Very pretty, a complete arse to cycle in and very cold.


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Aw, lovely. All our snow has washed away now, thank god! Fed up with my car slipping all over the place!

Saranga said...

At least you got out in your car! In High Wycombe the taxis refused to run, bit of a problem when you've got a 15 minute walk to the station with a rucksack and suitcase!
All our snow has gone now too, and yes I prefer it this way!

Manu Mane said...

Hi, thank you for your member support, first ! It's really appreciated ! Be welcomed on my blog :)

I'm living in the South of France, which is told to be always warm and sunny, and each time it snows (nearly every two years), we stop our activity and stay at home for a few days. And each time North and East of France people laugh at us, because wa can't deal with it ! :) )