Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aquaman: Kingdom Come action figure review!

Oh yes, I succumbed.  The story goes thus.  I head into my friendly local comic book shop one wet Thursday.  I ask them about the possibility of getting a Black Lantern Wonder Woman.  They say they shall check for me.  I thank them and I leave.  As I go past the shop window I notice a very special looking toy.  It turns out to be kingliest Aquaman I ahve ever seen and I decide I must look at it closer.  I go back in the shop, I examine it and I decide I must buy it.

I go back to work in the afternoon, in a very good mood. I get home, take him out of the packaging and coo rather a lot.  The boyfriend thinks I'm a bit odd, but he indulges me.  Hark, hark at the pictures:

Let's get the good things out of the way first.  His face is fantastic. He looks old, he has personality in his features and the facial hair is detailed and has depth.  His head hair has streaks of grey in it, which to my mind look a bit odd but I understand it's a faithful representation of the comic art, so i'll let that slide.

The gold chain mail is done really well.  The gloves are detailed as is the sword belt.  The sea horse on his tunic has been painted really nicely and the gold bits are embossed.  The cloak and tunic flow just right and is slightly bendy.  In short, the clothes look like they would on a real human person.


Regarding the accessories, the sword is pretty big and works well positioned in his hand or in the sword belt.  I like the look of both it and the sword.


 He also stands up easily and is stable.  That's kinda a rarity amongst my stuff.

All in all, this is a beautiful figure to look at.  He is only the second male figure I've got (ignoring the minimates), the first being Ares, so this should be an indication of how impressed I was with the figure in the shop.

Now I've got the good things covered, lets get to the bad things.

The articulation is fuck all.  Only one leg moves, which is useful to get him to stand up, only one arm moves at the shoulder (the sword bearing one), and there is no movement at all in the elbows waist and head/neck area.  The wrist of the sword bearing arm does swivel.   This isn't enough to make me dislike the figure, it's more of an annoyance.

The second complaint is that he can't hold the trident.  Try as I might, it will not slot into his fist, as there is not a big enough gap to squeeze it through the fingers.  This is a bigger complaint as not being able to accessorise with an accessory is kinda ridiculous.  So currently I have the trident on the shelf in front of him.  In the efforts of fairness I should point out that over at Action Figure Blues they have no difficulty with this and their figure can hold the trident.  I guess I've got a duff run.

All in all, I'm really happy with the figure and would recommend it to Aquaman fans, but beware of the trident!

If any of you are interested in viewing the rest of my collection you can see it all over at the Action Figure Blues forum.  And if you're even remotely interested in these kind of things then the AFB forum is a great resource for finding information and they've got some pretty shit hot customisers posting pictures of their work.


SallyP said...

Egad, he's gorgeous!

Saranga said...

i heart with the heat of a thousand sons!

just wish i could get the damn trident in. i;ve been recommended to melt the hand a bit in hot water. but i cna see that going so well.

now i'm gonna go fix the humongous gap in the post..

Sea-of-Green said...

King Arthur, all the way. :-)