Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ares!!! And Rings!

These two things make me one happy fangirl.

Back in August I entered the Action Figure Blues comment of the month contest, and won!  I was very very pleased and I selected the Adama figure, because I had been very much loving Battlestar Galatica, and I'd just watched the end of season 1 when August's prizes were announced.

Anyway, it turned out that release of the Adama figure was delayed..and delayed...and delayed.  So Mike (who sends the figures out) very kindly offered me a replacement, and I selected Ares.

I love it.  He's so, blue!  I'd been wanting to buy him for ages but couldn't quite allow myself.  I was intending this post to be a review, but it may turn into more a gush.

Let's see:

He has accessories!!  A sword AND an axe!  My first figure with accesories!  My first male figure at all actually.   He stands up pretty well too.

Another view:

The armour is quite detailed, and nicely done.  It looks solid, and protective, which is fairly suitable for a God of war.

I'm quite proud of this picture generally, but you guys can look at the brush on his helmet.  It's not flexible or actual brush, but that doesn's matter.

My favourite bits...check out the gloves.  He has skull motifs on them!  How cock rockingly hair metal fantastic is that!  And his knee protectors are also skulls.  (Knee protectors?  Shin pads? What would you call them?)  [EDIT: The boyfriend informs me they are called Greaves.  Not shin pads.  Greaves is from the old French for shin or shin armour.  According to wikipedia.  Don't say I never teach you anything.]

He looks pretty good with my Victoriana Diana too:

She's not taking any shit.

In conclusion I fucking love this figure, he is made of awesome.  Thanks Andy and Mike!

As I forgot to post the picture of my rings when I meant to, I shall include them here:

How cool am I, eh? eh?  Not very.  Anyway, I'm pleased with them. Anyone recognise the comic?  Leave the correct answer in the comments and you get a prize..

And cos this is a photo happy toy related post, I will also include a picture of my Star Wars model thing that the boyfriend got me a year or so ago for Christmas.  I had to put it together and it has a little man inside.  I'm crap at these things and have no patience so was quite pleased when I managed to put the thing together.

Someone once told me I have a creative, arty house.  I don't think arty was the correct word..


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I so have to go to your place so we can have a play date, lol.

Saranga said...

if you can get yourself to england you're welcome!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Let me try my aquatic superpowers to get across this little pond.


Scott said...

Glad you like it! I think this is one of DCUC's best so far - good choice!