Friday, August 28, 2009

Trip me up and call me Nora. That was a rollicking good week.

Herein lies big big spoilers for the following comics:
Teen Titans #74, The Flash: Rebirth # 4, Wonder Woman #35, Gotham City Sirens #3, Green Lantern #45, Blackest Night: Titans #1.
There will be no spoilers for Blackest night: Superman #1 because my store still hasn't got it in. They reckon there may be a problem with shipping to the UK. Any other UK folks had the same problem?
There will also be no spoiler for Superman because that got missed from my pile so I shall be heading back to the city to pick it up tomorrow. I am sure it will be good. Well I hope so anyway.
So, on with the squee! (and there is such a lot this week).
[edit - i cancelled Det Comics last week. It's just not interesting me. i'm rather annoyed about that.]
Teen Titans #74
Oh no. :(
Oh no no no no no no no.
Eddie's dead. (Do not insert Rocky horror show reference).
I am heartbroken. Eddie is too good to die. :( I mean, it's a good move story wise because killing off a newer member would just have been crass, and he did die a truly heroic death. how, I hear you ask? Well nuclear man (not his actual name) was sort of defragmenting at the prison, so Eddie pelted over there, still without powers I will add, and took nuclear man up in the shuttle to outer space where he exploded without harming the city.
Oh Eddie. :( The rest of the Titans were fighting down on the ground so couldn't take over, but M'Gann realised what Eddie was up to, and her, Cassie and Blue Beetle flew up to try and stop him but they didn't get there in time.
What is Rose going to do when she finds out? Beat seven shades of crap outta the folks who orchestrated this I reckon. Those two were made for each other. :(

After his death Cassie has a pity fit thinking she's a crap leader, and Bombshell gives her a pep talk, saying they should learn from their mistakes instead of running away from them.
looks like they're getting some respect for each other.

Oh this was good, but oh so sad.

Eddie better not come back as a Black Lantern. I've no idea what sits where continuity wise, so hopefully this is not even a possibility.

As for the Ravager back up, well last issue some folks had decided to kill her. As you can imagine it didn't work and she beat them silly.

The Flash: Rebirth # 4
Oh holy fuck! Max is back Max is back! *does the happy Max is back dance*
Oh I've been waiting soooo long for this!
A lot of the issue is about the things that draw the speedsters home when they're stuck in the speed force. Max claims he doesn't have anyone like that. Barry tells him he's a father to Bart, and brings him home. Oh I welled up reading this.
The (original?) Zoom is back and in command of a negative speed force. It is revealed that Barry created the speed force when he had his chemical accident. Bart punches Zoom in the face and then Zoom is about to stab him in the neck. Next page is a full splash of Max standing tall, lightening crackling, stating the pleasure [of fighting and winning] will be all his. Bart is knocked to the ground and is stunned, incredulous and happy that Max is back.

Plotwise, one last mention should go to Jai and Iris. Great little kids. Irey reminds me of katei power from Marvel's Power Pack. If you haven't read any of the original Power Pack you really should go and hunt it out. Start with the earlier issues, because it goes a bit wrong later on.

The art on this issue is stupendous. If you're in anyway interested in the Flash family, Bart or Max, go buy this issue.

Over on heartbart everyone is pretty stoked about this issue. Deerane has posted a Max/Bart picture and it's so lovely I just have to share:

There's also some adorable fan fiction up concerning the Connor/Bart/Tim reunion.
Love Bart. There's one very happy fan over here.

Wonder Woman #35
Simone writes good female friendships. It is clear that Diana has a great deal of respect for Dinah and vice versa. It's also clear that Simone enjoys writing these characters. I don't often get a feel for that sort of emotion.
Diana and Dinah found the Ame-Comi DC statue of Diana. They weren't very impressed. God knows what they'll think if they see the new one.
I've really liked these last 2 issues and now I am pretty certain I'll buy the Wondy trades.

Gotham City Sirens #3
Not much of the Sirens in this issue, instead it focuses on the Riddler and his meeting with the new Batman. Still good though. Thoroughly enjoyable. good art. Still cheesecakey and asserific, but this week I've decided I don't care. There's room in the superhero comic world for T+A, just so long as we've also got non exploitative issues to go alongside it.

I like the cover - very much about the bodies, and most definitely using the women's sexiness to sell the issue - it looks like a scene from a strip joint, but the colours are lovely.
It's amazing how much my interpretation changes dependent on my general mood...
At least this book is upfront about it. I can't stand it when media tries it pass itself off as fair and just, yet includes crass and insulting portrayals of women. It's linked in to my views on lads mags and how they should they be on the top shelf. But that's a whole other post.

Green Lantern #45
Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire vs Sinestro. She tries to show him the power of love, he lashes out and pushes it away. I think the Sapphires are being a little close minded trying to convert everyone to the power of love, we need other emotions too.
The Black rings are hovering around Odym, home of the Blue corps, waiting for death to claim the corps.
Agent Orange is on Okarra and about to be ransacked by a huge number of Black lanterns that have just risen. Yuh-oh.
The Indigo Corps haven't risen yet, but there's hints that they shall do so soon. the Black corps state that 'as soon as it's bearers shine the indigo light it will be ours'. Does this mean that the Black corps can only assault the other Corps if they are utilising their powers? Indigo for compassion. I *really* want to see what they can do.
The most entertaining part, and dare I say it, the best part, was Xanshi becoming a Black Lantern. For those that don't know, Xanshi is a planet. There is now a revenant planet. Most. fun. thing. ever. Is it gonna go smash into Mogo? Is it gonna hurtle towards earth? hee hee, so much fun!

Kalinara will be pleased. Kalinara, are you psychic?! Or was every GL fan expecting this and I just hadn't cottoned on?

Either way. Hell yeah.

Blackest Night: Titans #1
No rejuvenated dead planets in this one, but still plenty good.
Rose is in it, she's just had a one night stand and is telling the guy to get out, presumably because she doesn't like getting close to people.
Bart is in it, complaining about his statue not looking like him. Ed Benes does the artwork on this. I do like the basic idea of his faces, they're sensual, unfortunately they all tend to look the same. Not much variety.
So, who comes back in this one?
Hank Hall. He kills the current Hawk.
The original Terra. She starts snogging Gar.
Lilith - she must be a former Titan, but I've not come across her before.
Troia's daughter will be back and on panel in the next issue.

All good stuff, and my am I glad I chose this event to get fully involved in.

A bloody great week all told.


Bookwormwithanattitude said...

I am totally with you about Max. I was so stoked! Max! I love him so much!!! I that issue even though I haven't been getting Flash Rebirth (could care less about Barry)- but I had to get Max coming back...for BART!

I really can't wait for the Kid Flash series now. I want lots of adorable Bart and his cranky-old-Max scenes from that book!

Also, I'm glad you've decided to get Wonder Woman in trade- it's definitely a good series, and the Genocide arc will probably read better in trade, to be honest- as much as I enjoyed it it was agonizingly long coming out monthly. And I totally adore the Diana/Dinah team.

wiec? said...

i thought the Green Lantern without any Hal was pretty okay. they mention him a few times but Carol and Sinestro's back and forth was pretty great.

the end of this issue made me realise that i'm officially fiending for more of this series. i can not wait for the next chapter. Agent Orange's little cameo at the end sinched it.

it think i'm going to wait for Gotham Sirens to come out in trade though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you liked my art!

Loved this issue from Flash rebirth, I'm so happy with the return of Max... hope he's going to appear (a lot) in the new Kid Flas series!

Saranga said...

Max has to appear in Kid Flash - he's the mentor and Bart needs a father figure. If DC write him out in any way they'll have hordes of angry internet nerds baying for their blood!

kalinara said...

I'm totally psychic.


Ask again later.