Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smallville Se08 Ep 13: Power

All about Lana and Lex. We find out where Lana was when she last disappeared and how she became an elite ninja. Lots of Tess Mercer too, which is nice, but then she bludgeons a guy to death, admittedly he was gonna hurt her and at least she is distressed by it, so she's not a complete moral vacuum.
There is also talk of a power suit for Lex! Lana is taking it over though and wants the suit for herself. Oh please let it be green and purple...
Oh..its not green and purple. Or armour shaped. That's sucky. And now Lana has super powers. Well at least she's not so bloody wet anymore.
Oh look, Clark and Lana are snogging. on the top of the Daily Planet building. For fuck sake.

Now having a few days off watching Smallville as I have a job application to write. There may be a few days off blogging too.

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