Sunday, August 02, 2009

Linky time

Some things I have found interesting over the last few days:

Gay Youth Centre bombed in Tel Aviv
Heartless Bitches International
For women who won't take any shit Giving an overview of several religions, including less well known ones such as Stoicism, Greco-Roman religion, Cao Dai, Aladura and New Thought and Chaobunny's Guide to Casting Fail (youtube video) Regarding the Avatar: The Last Airbender cock up. I reliase i'm late to the party on this one.
Superhero themed wedding
They're not even comic fans, just theatrical.
Dar: A supergirly web comic featuring two strips which are so me. The main character identifies as a lesbian who sometimes fancies men. It's very good.
Willow's Avalon is unexcited by the DC/99 co mini to be released later this year. When i first read about the project (in the newspaper) I was really excited because I thought that it might mean that I'd be able to get copies of ther 99 over here. However, I completely see Willow's point, it could go very very wrong.
I want this.

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