Sunday, August 30, 2009

How did any of these folks survive?

From Green lantern vol 2, \43. the disembodied hand is Major Disaster's.

Well said Mssrs Allen and Jordan. well said.

Honestly. I wonder what was left of him?

(Currently listening to Tyr. Best stress relief ever.)


wiec? said...

oh brother. Hal and The Flash sound like they just left Cliche City. sheesh.

Saranga said...

Don't let it put you off reading the old Gl stuff. It's hilarious!

wiec? said...

i was thinking of getting the big black and white Essential Green Lantern stuff. there are a few of them out now but i've been spending so much bread trying to keep up with Blackest Night i might ask for them for xmas. i'm cheap like that.