Saturday, August 01, 2009

Smallville Se08 Ep 11: Legion

Ooh my. We're at the opening section and we've already got cool costumes, flight rings and mention of a cape. The delegates from the Legion are Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Imra, who I don't believe was given a code name. The villain was a dude with a big firey axe, who was called The Persuader. I should probably know more about who this is, and what Imra's code name is, but i've never been good at taking in Legion info.

The episode was written by Geoff Johns, and it turns out he's a pretty nifty screenwriter. The previous episode's dialogue was atrocious - Jimmy's lines seemed to mostly centre around bad metaphors for marriage and the sea.

Lightning Lad was the most fun of the Legion folks I reckon, good actor and he got to be rather fannish towards Clark. There were some nice nods to the canon issues of Smallville, when Garth (LL) commented on Clark's lack of flying, tights or glasses. All 3 questioned who Chloe was as they knew nothing about her from the histories. Isn't Geoff Johns rather a big Legion fan? That's certainly the impression I got from the episode. He even slipped in various mentions of 'Grife' and there was a comment regarding the next Brainiac, to be number 5, and how they hoped he'd be friendly. Am I right in thinking that Brainiac 5 is a member of the Legion?

Chloe-possessed-by Brainiac was really good. It's worth noting that when she went evil she didn't have her dress slashed thigh high, the neck line cut to her waist or loads of make up piled on.

Garth asked Clark to sign his baseball, which he proceeded to do, with laser vision. that made me squeal. There were also flight rings, and a big deal was made out of the flight rings. I want one. Hell who wouldn't want one?!

All in all a pretty good episode. Now on to episode 12, Bulletproof.

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