Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smallville SE08 Ep06 Prey and Ep07 Identity

Prey was rather good. the plot thickens around Chloe's new paramedic friend - I'm glad they are treating this as an ongoing thing and not a villain of the week.

But oh my, Identity, now that was gripping and very high calibre.

Lois gets mugged, she turns round and starts twatting the mugger. Oh but it's good to see the women fight back. Lana never did, because she's wet and the most ineffectual character ever. Chloe doesn't fight back because she knows Clark will save her. It wouldn't ever occur to Lois not to fight back, she's so proud and highly offended that someone would try to take her down.

Erica Durance is making a cracking Lois. This episode saw more of Clark and Lois showing their feelings, not to each other but at least we're getting there. In a universe where there won't be a caped Superman Lois needs to fall for Clark, as Clark.

Ollie was surprisingly Bruce like, what with the private jet, the boozing and the ladies. And then with the swinging down to save Jimmy, and the cape and mask. Very Bat like. It doesn't suit him. More Green Arrow costume please.

Jimmy shows intelligence in working out Clark's secret, and demonstrates investigative journalism, thank god one of the cast members is showing some intelligence. And now Lois knows about the good Samaritan, she's gotta figure out the secret soon and get with Clark, hasn't she?? Although I am very much enjoying their pre relationship sniping at each other. Lois putting Clark in his place when he comments on her dress for the date, I say, ha! take that possessive boy!

Lois does a fairly good job of going undercover too. And yet again, fights back when memory stealing guy pulls a gun on her. She is great! She's not the Lois of the comics, or the movies, she might be fluffy and sometimes superficial, but at the same time she's got guts, integrity, determination, honesty and brains. That's Lois all over. She's gonna get the first interview with Clark when he goes more public. And he will do now, cos he's seen what people need, he's seen what he can be, a symbol of hope and joy. And if Ollie in a crap cape can inspire that, think how people will react when they see Clark's range of powers.

Lastly, Clark made a crack about not mind wiping people. Y'hear that DC? Mindwiping people is NOT A GOOD THING FOR YOUR HEROES TO DO.
Except then Chloe did it. Nononononononononono. I'm shocked. I guess it shows more layers and depth to Chloe, previously she's just seemed light and cherry and unflappable. Now she's ruthless. It reminds me of that Buffy episode where Giles kills someone who threatens Buffy, knowing that Buffy will never kill someone and will never let him do so, even to protect her. So he does it, quietly and secretly.

I am so buying this series when it's on DVD. I am enthralled.

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Sea_of_Green said...

LOL! I've been following Smallville on DVD (can never remember when it's on network TV). Sure, it's cheesy, and corny, and angsty, andoften contradicts and/or repeats itself. But, darn it, Green Arrow is SOOOO PRETTY! ;-)