Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smallville S08Ep3 - Toxic. Letchy.

A Green Arrow Year 1 story. Nice. Lots of topless Justin Hartley, very nice. Yes I am a letch, but he is so damn hot.
Nice GA costume, good hood. We should have seen more of it though. We should also have seen more arrow shooting.
A plotline continuity complaint? Well, if he was on the island for 2 years you'd expect him to be more beardy. And raggedy in the hair department. Y'know, somewhat more like the Green Arrow Year 1 comic. But I guess they are going more for the teenage girl letches rather than the 28yr old-really-gotta-thing-for-beardy-men letches.

Also, it looks like Chloe is still being set up to be an Oracle type figure. But even more intelligent. now, lets just hope they don't shoot her or make her brain explode.

Back to the letch:


philippos42 said...

So, how beardy? (He asks, as he hasn't trimmed his beard in a couple of weeks.)

(word verification is the disturbingly spot-on "layless")

Saranga said...

lol! GA style beardy i'm afraid, i'm very particular1