Monday, January 19, 2009

Smallville SE08 Ep04 Instinct

Instinct was pretty standard Smallville fare, pretty enjoyable but not outstanding.
Clark and Lois' relationship is made kinda official, as Maxima explicitly states their attraction, that made me happy. Hopefully by the end of season 8 they will have got together? I'm enjoying Lois teaching Clark the ropes at the Daily Planet.

Less enjoyable is this show's obsession with the battle of the sexes, ugh. The comments always seem so forced. And Chloe, wanting Clark to give you away? Oh please, for a pretty independent woman can't you give yourself into a new relationship, rather than have Clark give you away? I know he's been your protector but you are way smarter than him now and will do just fine without him.

My hopes for this season:
That the Legion episode will be awesome.
That the League come back (and join up with the Legion?)
If the League can't come back and have a Justice episode, preferably as the final climax to the series ad Clark comes into his own, I definitely want to see more of the individual members.
Please make the character's relationships believable. I can see Clark and Lois. I could see Lois and Ollie. I can't see Chloe and Jimmy and I would like to have a chance to see Dinah and Ollie.
Please give us more of the pretty bird, she was wonderful.
Kara! Tough snotty proud Kara please!
Clark to fly. Oh yes. He's gotta fly. With Lois. Without a godawful poetry narration.

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notintheface said...

" are way smarter than him now.."

Funny you should put it that way. (Heh! Heh! Heh!)