Monday, January 12, 2009

Link round up stuff

I feel like I should post. I still have a cold so don't have a lot to say, so you'll get a lot of links instead.

Pink is for boys and blue is for girls

Shooting down crappy self help books
on Amazon

Wizard does Favourite Hero, Favourite Villain and Favourite Female

Jim Balent writes tarot (Why did I not realise this before?) Chris Sims reviews it. Includes haunted vaginas.

Josh Tyler writes how women don't like the comics, or the action females and we don't needs the
female superheroes. The whole internet rises up against him.


Hepburn said...

Hi! I hope that you recover from your cold soon! As for you link round up, thanks for that. Oh and that Josh Tyler guy who wrote that smack about female superheroes and females not liking comics and loving only ROM COMS and Julia Roberts.
Well he is a Douche.
I LOVED 'The Dark Knight', I am looking forward to The Watchmen film and I LOVED Sex in the City and The Devil wears Prada. Yes it can happen and yes I do wear Prada and I collect Wonder Woman and Batman books. :)
Oh and I repeat: That Josh Tyler is a DOUCHE!!
It may not be a mature response to his inane diatribe but I cannot waste any words of wisdom on someone who is such a douche.
Keep on blogging! : )

Saranga said...

you are more articulate than me. I think I just spluttered!
I've never liked rom coms - i've never liked the characters. I want epic+ explody + overley dramatic disaster movies. or superheroes. or crap 80s horror.