Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Supergirl with wings

I will never get tired of seeing Supergirl with her fire wings:

From Adventures of Superman 580, 582, 583, 583, 580 and 582 again.

This panel from issue 529 is also gorgeous:


Eyz said...

Was this one "Matrix"?

Saranga said...

It was what matrix turned into when she merged with Lidna Danvers to become an earth born angel.

Eyz said...

They should "trade paperback-ize" most of the 90s Supergirl. I'm definitively interested in checkin' more on this Supergirl I've been able to spot in "The death & return of Superman" and other 90s DC titles.

I've seen, I think, one random Supergirl TPB collecting some of her arc, but it doesn't seem like everything else was...?

Saranga said...

There have been two trades of the Linda Danvers run. The first is simply titled Supergirl and collects the 1st 9 issues, the second is Many Happy Returns which collects the final arc.

None of the rest have been traded, although there is a website which provides scans of all issues, info at the bottom of this review of Many Happy Returns:

Then there's the Elsewords 'Wings' story which summarises the earth born angel story from the run:

I rly wish DC would hurry up and trade the rest, but I just don't think they are interested. Sigh.

Anj said...

Thanks for taking me back! I liked that they called themselves 'Team Superman' back then.

And I love that Ed McGuinness cover.

Anonymous said...

This is why Linda Danvers needs to return! She was the only "human Supergirl" in existence at that time. (so what if Superman popped up in a few issues throughout the series? He still regarded her as part of the 'S' family! [by calling her 'Mae']). -ealperin

Anonymous said...

God! These pics are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing the fiery-winged goodness! -ealperin