Monday, May 02, 2011

Cat Grant

Poor Cat Grant gets harassed quite a lot in Adventures of Superman.
While she worked as a telly newscreader for the WGBS Corporation Vincent Edge groped her, made lewd comments and promised her she'd get a better job if she had sex with him.

In Adventures of Superman 510 she dealt with him in style:

Unfortunately, this did not do her career much good:
The above scans and the one below are all from Adventures of Superman 526, and it's interesting because they show how Cat is still a good reporter.

So much so that she gets offered a new job by Vincent Edge.  Who thinks this will end badly?  I do.

I also like the above scans because they show a Cat who is friendly with Lois.  She seems a completely different person to the character we've seen in Supergirl.  It's nice to see her history and get her background.


Lord Runolfr said...

FYI: The link on the first image points to the same full-sized scan as the second one.

RichardAK said...

I miss the old Cat Grant too. She was a much different character back then. I don't know if you'd be interested, but a while back I posted some scans on scans_daily of Cat from the 80's, which also show how different she was then from how more recent writers have portrayed her.

Saranga said...

@ Lord R: So it does. I have no idea why that is, I just upload the photos from my pc. :/

@RichardAK: have you got a link?