Friday, May 13, 2011

Nonsenical trade decisions

It appears that best issues of the Adventures of Superman run have not been collected into trade.  This is infuriating.

Which are htese I hear you cry?  Well it's the hero-ville saga, from these issues:

 And then there's the double Mxy story, from these issues:

I is not best pleased with this.  Harrumph.


Steve said...

I sent this comment earlier but Blogspot went crazy and it vanished. I got awarded an award, and as such was asked to award it to other blogs, one of which is yours! See here:

Eyz said...

Ha! I just bought all of those from eBay last week :P

Seriously though, a lot of fun arcs haven't been collect in many on-going DC series that usually have most of their issues in trade.

Like most (80&) of Chuck Dixon's Birds of Prey run, a big chunk of Cassie/Batgirl (where she flirted with Superboy, teamed up with Connor Hawk and developped a friendship with Robin and Stephanie), the entire Cir-El arc from Superman, etc...

Saranga said...

@Eyz: Great minds think alike!

@Steve: and now bizzarely your other comment has reaapeared. I don't understand blogger. Thanks for the award, i'm touched :o