Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lex Luthor - evil man

I've never really read much Lex before.  That sounds odd for a Super family fan, I know, but the Super issues I've picked up haven't tended to centre on Lex, and I dropped Action Comics when Superman left it.  So, my knowledge of Lex is the movies and Smallville.

Hence, I was surprised to find a number of differnet portrayals of him within Adventures of Superman.
From issue #552:
The point of this is he doesn't usually lose control, or get his hands dirty.  He tends to hire goons to do his dirty work.  Or renegade Amazons:

He rules by fear, manipulation, blackmail and politics.  He's clever, devious, ruthless and arrogant.  This was demosntrated nicely in last week's Action Comics 900 when he got ultimate power.

Anyway, learning all this, this next page put the wind up me:

I knew he was once president, that wasn't a surprise.  That is a nice piece of comic art though - he looks so foreboding, and, well, evil.

Long live Lex.  One of comic's most interesting characters.

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