Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am getting a heck of a lot of spam comments lately.  It's incredibly infuriating.  I delete them as fast as I can, but they still show up on the comments thing on the right hand side of the blog. :/  Anyone know any way I can decrease the amount of spam showing up?

Anyway, for all the rest of you non spam bots, I do read all your comments, and I thank you all for commenting.  Sorry I don't respond to them all.  I easily run out of energy and time.

Now, I think I shall play around with the format of this thing.


Eyz said...

I think blogspot has some settings for this. You have to check out your settings for this blog, and under "comments".
Don't just delete these, mark them as spam, it's etter to prevent the same spambots to end up on your blog again.

Saranga said...

Found it, thank you!