Thursday, May 26, 2011

GCSE in British Sign Language?

Signature, the accrediting body for all British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness, Communication Support Worker, Lipseapking, Notetaking etc courses, are developing a GCSE in British Sign Language.  they would like to seek evidence of support and demand for the course, and are asking people to show support by going here.

For non UK people, GCSE's are the exams you take at 16.  After 16 you can leave education, but if you choose to continue studying you can take A-Levels (at 18) and then go to university.

Obviously, I support the creation of more BSL courses, so long as they taught to a high standard and native BSL users are involved in the programmes.  If you support the creation of a GSCE in BSL please go visit the page and leave a message.

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Are you familiar with this guy on Youtube?