Monday, April 25, 2011


Following on from yesterday, I am sad to say I have  more examples of Superdickery than I do Batdickery.  Not that many more, but def some more.
From Adventures of Superman 0:

Anyone dressed like that with hair like that is probably a dick.

From Adventures 464:
I can't even remember the context for this one, except that it was from way before they got together.
From #467, where he is troubled about Batman because Batman worked out who he is:
From # 487, where he's asked a dodgy drunk homeless man to be the most inappropriate surprise santa ever, at a children's orphange.  Even the staff are concerned about this santa.  But hey, I guess you don't argue with Supes:

And lastly, here he is married to Lois and hitting on another woman:
OK, I'll be honest, in his defence, I think he was being influenced by magic or something here.


SallyP said...

Heh. There are a LOT of examples of Superman being a jerk! Batman, you sort've expect it.

notintheface said...

The last one was because he gave up his soul to Satanus to save Metropolis. The one where he shoots down Lois is because he was being influenced by a Kryptonian artifact.

The rest, though, was all him. Even the mullet.

Eyz said...

Awesome "Superjerk"! XD

The last one, specially out of context, is priceless!

Saranga said...

Isn't it great?