Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In part,a love letter to Aquaman

Or comics reviews for last weeks books.

Supergirl and JLA were good.  Gotham City Sirens has this gorgeous cover which I would love to see as a poster:
Teen Titans had a proper story about Hindu deitys and myths and Solstice was centre stage.  There were some interesting things going on with Raven too.

But what I really want to talk about is Superman/Batman, which was the clear winner.

It's the third part of the Sorcerer Kings storyline, wherein Superman is snatched away to a hellish future where magic rules and the future Superman is dead.  The future JLA consists of Batman in an extremely home made costume, Klarion the witch boy (and a size changing Teekl), Jason blood, Stanley Dover and his monster (no I don't know who this person is either), Scream Queen and Aquaman!

So, about half of these are magic users.  The yellow sun no longer exists so Superman is powered by magic sun, giving him the ability 'think' his enemies away.  We will count him as magical too then.

The placement of Bruce in a magic rich environment is amusing, given how much he hates magic.  The art is superb.

The inclusion of Aquaman is what makes this issue stand out.  At last someone recognises Arthur as a heavy hitter!  Arthur now holds of all the souls of the Atlantean people in his body - it was the only way he could save them all. Surely this is what being a  King is about?  Preserving your state and your peoples at all costs?  Arthur's status as royalty is the most interesting thing about him, I think, and really is not exploited enough.

This issue was great.

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