Sunday, April 24, 2011

Early summer sun and comic dickery

Holy crap it's been hot in England recently.  It was 25 degrees on Wednesday and 23 degrees this weekend.  I went a bit pink.  The heat has been bloody lovely, but I'd quite like some rain for the garden now please.

Anyway, if we go back on topic, I shall show you some Adventures of Superman comic scans.  I had hoped for lots of examples of Batman being a dick but he doesn't atcually turn up in many of them.  From #467 we have these two charming panels:

Batman is rude.  Then there's this panel form #583, which might be stretching the dickery element a little bit:
I don't know, does zombie vampire Batman automatically mean Batdickery?  I mean, he's probably going to be cranky as all hell so he probably will be a dick to people, and he certainly doesn't look veyr friendly.  What do you guys think? Batdickery or not?

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