Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

Jimmy Olsen is a prat.  I liked him on Smallville, but he was still a bit of a prat there.  But more likeable.    In Adventures of Superman 458 he became elastic, and didn't deal with it well.  I undertsnad that this is a tribute to Jimmy's Silver Age adventures, as is the debut of Jimmy the Turtle Boy.  This isn't making me warm to him.  Check it out.

He starts work in a pizza parlour, dressed as a turtle.  The gorilla is a man in a suit, not a talking gorilla.

The kids are very fond of Jimmy the Turtle Boy, I can't imagine why.

And then, and then he gets his own TV show.  And he's sneaking out from his real job to dress like a prat on TV.  Has he no shame?
(Also #493)

I mean, look at him.  He's terrifying (from issue #495)
 My eyes, they burn.

Yet somehow children love him.  Why?
(I don't recall the issue # this is from sorry, but it's the same issue where Adam, Cat Grant's son is buried.  that's him in the panel.)

So, as you can appreciate, I am quite gratified by this picture, from # 493, again.

Nonetheless, as much as I dislike Jimmy, I'm not sure he deserves this.  That's his own mother by the way.  I don't recall the issue number.

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