Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Other guest posts I have written

So, in addition to my lists of posts for Prism Comics, I thought I would also store links to my other guest blogging spots (not that there's many of them).  So far I have three and a couple of bits!

Inked - On Piercings: A guest post I did for Female Impersonator, talking about my rationale, motivations and feelings towarsd my body piercings.

The Most Memorable Moments in DC History for Women: Nominee #19.  Wherein I talk about the amazingness of Huntress, especially around the moment where Joker shot her in the stomach in No Mans Land.  Written for the DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr.

The myth of the 28 day cycle for The F Word, the premier site for UK feminism, I'm quite pleased about this one :)

My experience of slimming clubs for The F Word.  I feel like I've made it as a feminist when I get to write for them.

I also contributed commentary for a couple of posts on the DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr, on the topics of the best for DC women in 2011, and the worst for DC women in 2011.


Ami Angelwings said...

I rly like your post on piercings cuz I think a lot of what you say relates a lot to body autonomy and how ppl's bodies feel and relate to their identity and it isn't about OTHER ppl, it's about themselves :) And that relates a lot to issues about trans ppl and what our bodies mean to us and it's not this strawperson idea that we think men can't be feminine or something -_- it's deeper than that and your post speaks a bit on that (obv it's not the same but a lot feels similar :) ) is it ok if i link to it? :)

Saranga said...

Link away!

I had more to say in response but I'm still too tired to think properly. :( So I'll just say this: Thanks for the response and the thoughts, I'm glad you liked it.