Sunday, April 03, 2011

Green Lantern trailers

I just can't get excited about the GL move. :(  The cgi looks terrible and Ryan Reynolds makes a rubbish Hal.  Well, maybe he'll be better in the movie, but he looks all wrong for Hal.  The suit looks awful, the ring looks terrible and I really dislike Abin Sur.  Also, when hal recites the oath I should get chills down my spine.  I don't.  Maybe when he recites it at the end of the movie (and he'd better) and he's all heroic I'll feel happier.

On the plus side, Hector Hammond looks pretty great, as does Sinestro, and views of Oa do get me excted, but on the whole.. I feel meh.  This makes me sad.  I really want to be excited about it (and of course I'll go and see it) and I want to love it but I feel really dubious about it.  I so want this movie to be a success, but I have a feeling it will look cheap.

The really frivolous side of me also wants more ass shots and for Hal to be hit on the head and knocked unconscious.  Can you imagine the squeals if that actually happens?

What prompted this sad post was footage from Wondercon.  Now, there's a scene on Oa with lots and lots of Green Lanterns, has anyone identified them all?  I'd love a run down of all the characters.

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