Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Lois/Clark relationship

So, Adventures of Superman, post crisis, shared all storylines with Superman and Action Comics.  In essence, they were 3 ongoing crossover comics.  This means that I'm getting one third of the story.  But nevermind, it is still enjoyable.

Such as it is, I am going to post key moments in the Lois/Clark relationship, starting from when they got together.  More below the jump.

Clark takes the plunge!

Smoocherrific.  Honestly, wouldn't you?

After announcing the engagement to Jimmy.  Lois wants to keep her name, good for her,

Clark tells his secret.  I love the top row of panels.  Lois is so confused and mixed up about his dual identity.  Wouldn't you be too?

But apparently foliage provides adequate protection against the man of steel....
#476, again.

Lois is acclimatising to what Clark's confession means for her.   She's bewildered na dunsure of her feelings for Clark, but she's still an ace reporter.

Lois has now accepted his double life, and is supporting and covering for Clark.  This is the relationship I've been waiting for.  They're strong seperately, but they're stronger together.

But then of course, Superman died...but it's ok folks, he came back, and Lois & Clark were reunited!

Awwww. True love reigns again!  From issue # 505.

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