Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wonder Girl one shot and Superman 707

Nicola Scott gives Cassie a really wide face.  Almost aquiline.  I like it, but it's always surprising to see it.  More surprising is that Scott isn't the inside artist.  Some pencils seem a bit off but the colouring on this si great.

Even more surprising is that this isn't a bad issue, at all.  After seeing the previews - basically of Cassie's mum being horrible to her - I expected the worst.  But I like Cass, so I bought it anyway.

It turned out to introduce a new heroine - Solstice, who's an Indian girl clad in sunlight and gold clothing, whose parents know she is a superhero.  I want to read more about Solstice.  The issue ended with Cass and her mother hugging, which was pretty adorable.

I don't think this issue will change anything, it didn't reveal anything major (as I don't expect DC to do much with Solstice, although I fervently wish they do), it didn't explain or link to the Wonder Woman but it turned out to be good enough.

As for Superman, this title was not as dull as earlier ones, but not as good as last the issue.  First there lots (and I mean lots) of exposition.  Then Superman fails to be Super in any way and is actually rather rubbish, then he's mean to Lois.  Then we find out he's being mind controlled, then the Superman Squad turn up.

I can't help noticing there's a lot not-white characters being introduced this week.  Are DC paying attention?  Are they making their books more diverse?  I hope so, because the Superman Squad is the only bit of this book I'm really interested in.  Well, that and the ass whupping Lois is going to give Clark when he gets his mind back.

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Eyz said...

A bit of diversity this month in DC is already a heckuva lot more diversity than Marvel these last couple of years. (specially since they "cut down" on mutants after House of M...)