Monday, January 03, 2011

Does Grant Morrison like Superman?

I suspect not.  This is from Animal Man #2.

Rarely have I seen Supes used in such a dickish manner.  So, does anyone know if Grant has confirmed how he feels about Superman?


Anj said...

I think he loves Superman, given the more noble way he has been presented in JLA, All Star Superman, and Final Crisis.

This scene was early in his career and I think more to show where Buddy was in the superhero community.

Great work here these last few weeks, as always! Sorry I haven't commented more!

Saranga said...

Hey, thanks for the comments. Given the Christmas holidays I've had time to sit down and write, it's been great!

Maybe Morrison felt less sympathetic towards Supes in his early career. I'd forgotten Morrison did All Star Superman and FC.

Nas Who said...

It seems that 80s Morrison, despite his dislike of the 80s "realism" trend, is applying a dash of that to his portrayal of Superman. There's a hint that he's the great poetic macho ultimate supergod guy from All Star or Final Crisis, but there's just a tiny tinge of what Anj is saying, where Buddy is relegated to a spot in the 'community'.

Then again, I always read this scene as the kind of thing Superman totally does; visiting even the most overlooked heroes to bolster their confidence by making them aware that he sees them. It's just Buddy who interprets it as Superman being distant and being a bit of a prick. Like if God revealed himself to you specifically, but then also said he had to be somewhere more important.

SallyP said...

Heh. Superman was pretty much a HUGE dick when he was filling in for Bats in the old JLI. Fortunately, I think that Grant Morrison has actually done a pretty bang-up job with him, but that was certainly a lot later than this particular instance.

notintheface said...

I was disappointed how dickish Supes was in JLI, considering that Jurgens was the writer.

Well, at least there and in Animal Man he was a HEROIC and RESPONSIBLE dick. Which is more than I can say for JMS' Supes in "Grounded".

Eyz said...

Supes was pretty much an arrogant dick here!

Though from what I've read or hear in interviews about Morrisson's All Star, he always seemed to really like the character, what he stands for and his legacy.
It's probably him trying to match how Jurgens portrayed him around that time in Booster or the JLI, as the others said!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

not as reverently depicted a one would hope... but it WAS funny :D