Friday, January 07, 2011

Extra daily link post

A week or so ago I mentioned that I wrote a guest post about Huntress for a tumblr account named DC Women Kicking Ass.  The post formed part of a series on memorable moments in the DCU for women.

Well, guess what?  Now there's gonna be poll!  It will be open Monday to Tuesday and you all have a list of 30 moments to choose form.  Ego says I should tell you all to vote for my Huntress entry.  But my gut says vote for one of the Wonder Woman moments. of which there's 8.  I'm torn between snapping Max's neck,  sacrificing her eyesight, putting her foot down on Batman or spending a day with Lois.

But then, there's so many other great moments to vote for..both great in themselves and also with great write ups... such a hard choice.  The full list is here, go vote!

  1. Wonder Woman beheading Medusa in Wonder Woman #210
  2. Lois Lane and Wonder spend the day together in Wonder Woman #170
  3. Lois Lane makes her debut in Action Comics #1
  4. Stephanie Brown becomes Robin in Robin #126
  5. Kate Kane resigns West Point because of DADT in Detective Comics #859
  6. Huntress/Helena Wayne makes her debut in Secret Origins of Super-Heroes #17
  7. Black Canary and past and current BoP operatives stare down Katrina Armstrong in Birds of Prey #106
  8. Wonder Woman tells Superman, “there’s the door, Spaceman” in the New Frontier
  9. Supergirl gives up her life to save the world in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
  10. Shiva and Cass fight in Batgirl #25
  11. Stephanie Browns slaps Batman in Bruce Wayne the Road Home: Batgirl #1
  12. Barbara Gordon/Oracle and Dinah Lance/Black Canary meet in-person for the first time in Birds of Prey #21
  13. Renee Montoya realizes she’s going to become the next Question in 52 #42.
  14. Batgirl/Barbara Gordon makes her first appearance and saves Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics #359
  15. Lois Lane risks her life to save a soldier in Adventures of Superman #6311
  16. Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle in the Batman Chronicles #5
  17. Diana, after killing Ares with an axe, punches Zeus in Wonder Woman #33
  18. Zatanna mindwipes Dr. Light and then Batman in Identity Crisis
  19. Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, stands her ground against the Joker in Detective Comics #741
  20. Lois Lane refuses to believe Superman is dead in All-Star Superman
  21. Batgirl tells Batman not to  talk down to her in Secret Origins #20
  22. Cassandra Cain saves Jim Gordon’s life in Batman #567
  23. Wonder Woman puts her foot down with Batman in The Hiketeia
  24. Wonder Woman wins the contest to go to “mans world.” in All-Star Comics #8
  25. Barda Free stops a tank in Justice League International Annual #4
  26. Wonder Woman snaps Max Lord’s neck in Wonder Woman #219
  27. Barbara Gordon/Oracle hires Dinah Lance/Black Canary as her operative in the first one-shot of Birds of Prey
  28. Amanda Waller fights Granny Goodness in Suicide Squad #34
  29. Wonder Woman sacrifices the restoration of her eyesight for the life of Martin Garibaldi in Wonder Woman
  30. Oracle defeats Braniac in Birds of Prey #73


Eyz said...

One of my favorite moments, of the DC gals, isn't a blockbuster action packed scene nor an epic memorable moment of one of them kicking X villain/hero's ass.

It's not on the list.
It's from a Brave and the Bold modern issue.
The issue were Batgirl/Barbara hangs out with Z and Wonder Woman just...before "that moment" of her career..
It was quite sweet hearted, funny and also made me sad.
Probably the best piece written by Straczynski.

Saranga said...

Oh that is a lovely moment!

DCWKA's moments were selected through a poll, that was developed through nominations on twitter and her blog. I don't think that moment got in, sadly.