Monday, January 31, 2011

Batwondy! Strikes again!

Check out this gorgeous flirtation scene:
From JLA 61.  The sexual tension, it is palpable.  And entirely understandable, because who wouldn't love Wonder Woman?  Now Batman, he's only likeable when softened up by someone else.  Like Wonder Woman.  He needs someone who won't take his shit, who doesn't hero worship him, who knows him and who he respects.  This is why Selina and Diana are both perfect matches for him.  Well Diana's better, obviously.

And then there's this from JLA 70:
This is where it all came to a head:

From The Obsidian Age storyline, which ran from JLA 66 to 78.

Aww, aren't they lovely together?  I shall leave you to dwell on that, and tomorrow we will see the aftermath.

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