Thursday, January 27, 2011

A note to my fellow citizens

Dear motorists and pedestrians of Norwich,

When you are going about your daily travels in this fine city of ours, I would be ever so grateful if you could look around you.  I am the one on the biccyle, with lights, helmet and a flourescent jacket over my rucksack, making me resembling a turtle.  I am not hard to miss and I am quite comical in appearence.

Despite the hilarity of my dress upon said bycycle, I do not wish to be knocked down by a car, bus, coach, minivan or lorry.  I also do not wish to run a pedestrian over.  All you have to do to avoid this is use your mirrors (if you are in a vehicle), or look both ways before crossing the street (if you are a pedestrian).

This simple and effective strategy will prevent raised blood pressure, shock, a certain amount of blue air, my brakes and my sanity.

I thank you kindly for you reading this.

Yours, in fear of her life.

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