Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In defence of Lois Lane

I just found this rather good blog post about why Lois Lane isn't an idiot, and is in fact awesome.  It;s by Sindeloke.  Now go read it.

(I found it while on Twitter.  Twitter is a nice resource, if anyone wants to follow me my username is sarangacomics.  Follow me and I'll follow you and it will all be a big following party.  Yeah).


Anj said...

A bit off topic but ...

I wanted to pass along that I have nominated this blog for a Kreativ Blogger award.

Information about the award and why I chose this blog are available over at my blog at:

I think this is a great blog and I love visiting here. I feel like I have learned a lot by coming here on a multiple of topics, not just comics. You should be proud of what you are accomplishing here!

Saranga said...

Aww thanks anj! *blushes* will go look at it now. :)