Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tories are in power.

In a Lib Dem coalition.

I feel sickened.  The party that brought in Section 28, the poll tax, closed all the mines, fucked the trade unions, want to lower the abortion limit, want to repeal the Human Rights Act and are only out to protect rich white men are in power.  And all because the fucking Liberal Democrats have got into bed with them.

They aren't even going to get a bloody change in electoral system out of it.  The Tories have promised a referendum on inplementing the Alternative Vote system, but Labour said they wodul implement AV immediately and do a referendum on Proportioanl Representation.

I feel sickened.


Feminist Avatar said...

I know- I think I will write to the Lib Dems and complain and perhaps lie and say I voted for them.

Feminist Avatar said...

At a minimum I am on their newsletter list (no idea how btw) so surely receiving their spam gives me the right to moan?

Saranga said...

i don't think it's neccessary to say if you voted for them or not. Just explain how rubbish it is.

Maddy said...

I admit to knowing next to nothing about British politics, but just for comparison: We've had a Conservative Party minority government in Canada since 2006 and it's been pretty shitty too. =(