Friday, May 07, 2010

Live election blogging

Ok, I'm set up and ready for some live election blogging.  I cannot guarantee that these posts will be coherent or spelt well.  However I do have:
earphones on the radio
some tobacco remnants
blankets and gloves to keep me warm
the day off work tomorrow

I am not putting the heating on as it will wake the boyfriend up.  I do not have a tv licence so am listening to radio4.
R4 have just said 3 seats are declared (all labour!! - sunderland south, central and west) and by 2 or 3 we will only have about 56 seats declared..
There were rumours earlier today that they will not announce the government till tomorrow afternoon...

This is an exciting election... I never thought I'd see the day where the Lib Demswere viewed as a viable candidate for government..

Exit polls suggest that there will be a hung parliament with the Tories getting the most seats.. oh fuck...

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