Sunday, May 30, 2010

Classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow covers

I've had this post in mind for a while, and then saw that DC have been releasing special 75th anniversary homages of their greatest covers, so this seems about the right time to post something.

It all started with this cover:

This was the start of new direction for the Green Lantern comics, with more of a social conscience, (abley reviewed here).  Green Lantern (Hal) and Green Arrow (Ollie) had been teaming up for years and it was already well established that they were mates, but this run really cemented their relationship.  Sure, some of it's a bit cheesey, but it is also a pretty good read.  Thsi run also brought us this now infamous cover:

To my mind, this arc dealt less with the evils of drugs and more with the Roy's strength of character and Ollie's crapness as a dad.

Also in this run was this cover:

They may be mates but they don't always get on.

Anyway, the GL/GA relationship has been revisited a number of times over the years and this famous stage in their histories has been homaged and referenced over and over.  As such, I bring you some of the better images.

To start, here are the direct references of that first image:

That's Kyle and Connor, as Legacy heroes, and Hal and Ollie in Blackest Night.

And here's a recent mock cover created for Fringe (which is apparently an American tv show):
Covers featuring the the next generation of heroes in various guises:

I tell you what, I never expected that second cover!  Btw, Jen never gets it on with Connor in the comic.

When Hal and Ollie each returned we got an inevitable mix up between legacy and original characters:

I like the continuation of the relationship, even if one side or the other didn't always see eye to eye.

But I'll end on a high note, and give you some more images showing Hal and Ollie at their tightest:

The left hand image is by Alex Ross, the right hand one is by Neal Adams.  Isn't it lovely?

Next we have some cosplay.  I appreciate the dedication to comic book lore here:

And finally, some more covers showing the two heroes as best friends forever:

You gotta love that last image, especially their dozy expressions.  Those two will chat up anything!


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