Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wonder Woman Amazonia action figure review

This is my first attempt at an actual review of an action figure. Hope it’s ok.

A couple of weeks ago when I bought this stash of comics I was having a pretty rotten day (week) at work. Imagine my surprise when I headed down to the comic shop and found they’d got a batch of DC Elseworlds figures in. Not only that but they’d got the Wonder Woman Amazonia figure in! I have been after a Wondy figure for a really long time, and have rather liked this particular version. I failed to get the Ame-Comi one as it’s not available from retailers anymore, so when I saw this it took about a minute and a half of dithering before I succumbed.

Boy did this make my day. She’s absolutely wonderful. The costume is very much to my taste, it just looks brilliant. The designers have got the regality of Diana across and combined it with a Victorian influence very well. The muted colours work brilliantly for the story (highly recommended if you’re a Diana fan) and serve to set her apart from the canonical incarnation yet keep key elements of the costume – the eagle, the bracelets, the stars and the tiara.

In terms of the figure, the boots are really well done. Lots of folds and shading, little buttons and the heels have a shape to them – wide at the sole of the boot, getting thin, then widening again for the bottom.

The details on the bracelets are great – full forearm length with stars and triangle shapes etched in. The eagle on the corset is done in a similar style which makes it looks quite old and tarnished.

One of my favourite things about this is that the bodice is obviously designed as a bodice/corset. Her boobs are squashed at the top, which indicates that the body of the garment is stiff, which means it won’t fall down and her breasts won’t fall out in the heat of battle. Unlike say Arisia’s costume, or Star Sapphire’s, both of which must be held up with the power of the mind only. On second thoughts, that’s probably a bad example. Their outfits probably are held on by will power. Anyway, I reckon most comic fans will know what I mean. Unfortunately right now my mind has gone blank for other examples.

Back to Diana...The tail of the costume is a bit bendy, which is nice, even better is her hair, the pony tail of which is really flexible. I find that a really nice touch, even if I am concerned that it may come off… The main mass of hair is sculpted pretty well and is properly big. A lovely massive topknot culminating in a bun.

As for the body and face, she’s got leg muscles, which I approve of, and they’re not overly developed so there’s still a smoothness and grace to the figure. She’s got strong shoulder and clavicles. Her face is either sizing you up or confused, depending on the angle of the head. She doesn’t stand particularly well, I have to balance her by bending the right leg in order that she doesn’t topple over. Nothing new there then, none of my figures stand up particularly well.

Of the second hand ebay’d purchases, Linda Danvers is rather on the knackered side and Alex Ross’s Black Canary arrived with a broken knee joint so now has a toothpick contrived splint to keep her upright. As for the newly bought ones, All Star Batgirl is the exception, but I’ve just noticed she’s got rather big feet, which could be why. Nightwing and Flamebird need to be balanced rather carefully or they topple over. A lesson to DC in superhero anatomy maybe?

Anyway, this Amazonia Wondy is fantastic, I would highly recommend it. Especially for only nine point ninety nine of your English pounds.

Amongst the selection of Elseworlds figures on sale they also had the Flash, which I’m rather taken with. It’s an unusual version, seeing as how he’s got a pencil moustache, but the costume is gorgeous. The actual figure has lovely folds in the trousers legs and in the jacket and I’m really tempted to add it to the collection.

To finish, here's a pic of her doing a headstand:


Shelly said...

That's a shame about the Ross BC. That's one of my fave figures. The WW is another of my fave figures. Her face is wonderful and the costume is very realistic as clothing. And the tail of her costume helps her stand on her own if you angle her just so.

Saranga said...

I don't mind so much that BC has a gammy leg - the splint makes her look battle damaged!
I shall try using the tail of the WW's costume to make her stand up right. Thanks for the tip.

Shelly said...

You're welcome. :)

I have a Catwoman with a glued on arm. She fell and her arm snapped off at the elbow. No cat burgling for her, anymore. ;)