Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Phil Jimenez signing in London 17th July

At Orbital Comics (a mighty fine store) at Newport Street.
Amazingly, I'm passing through London anyway that day, so am considering going. I'll have to book Friday afternoon off work (shouldn't be a problem, I'm owed sooo much time at the moment) and change my train ticket, which means paying out more money, which may be more of a problem.

However, I'm very tempted because it's bloody rare that anyone I know and like comes anywhere near me. And I quite like the Wondy trade by Jimenez, (Paradise Lost).

If anyone wants more info on the event Orbital comics has a facebook group. In which they say artists are usually happy to do sketches. So me now = tres excited.

Is there usually opportunity to ask questions at these things? If I do go what questions should I ask?

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ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Yeah! Ask Phil if he would marry me :D

Wait, I'm already married :(